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iTunes XML to M3U Converter

I couldn't get any of the various scripts floating out there to work.

Specifically, I couldn't get any of them to convert my music collection to M3U for import into amaroK. Either the script didn't work, ran only on a Mac, didn't convert 8-bit filenames correctly, couldn't handle UTF-8 encoded track names, or all of the above. So I wrote my own Python script to do it.

My music resides on an NTFS partition that is obviously not mounted as C:/My Documents/My Music/iTunes/iTunes Music on my Linux partition. The script takes an option for automatically replacing the path to the Music Folder with an alternate path, e.g., /mnt/Music/ or something similar. It takes an iTunes XML file as input and writes the playlists to .m3u files.


Awesome python script. We use iTunes on our desktop but are running TwonkyVision on our ReadyNAS to serve the DSM520 and without soemthing that translated from XML to M3U had no easy way to export the playlists. Thanks for your work on this.

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