July 11, 2006

64-bit xine-lib fix

amaroK built for x86_64 was randomly crashing on me when playing AAC files through xine-lib. I tracked down the problem to an implicit pointer conversion in xine-lib (moral: always declare your functions), but someone had already found it:

xine-lib built from CVS should work.

July 05, 2006

iTunes XML to M3U Converter

I couldn't get any of the various scripts floating out there to work.

Specifically, I couldn't get any of them to convert my music collection to M3U for import into amaroK. Either the script didn't work, ran only on a Mac, didn't convert 8-bit filenames correctly, couldn't handle UTF-8 encoded track names, or all of the above. So I wrote my own Python script to do it.

My music resides on an NTFS partition that is obviously not mounted as C:/My Documents/My Music/iTunes/iTunes Music on my Linux partition. The script takes an option for automatically replacing the path to the Music Folder with an alternate path, e.g., /mnt/Music/ or something similar. It takes an iTunes XML file as input and writes the playlists to .m3u files.